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 Halloween tale

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Luna Fang
Luna Fang

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Halloween tale Empty
PostSubject: Halloween tale   Halloween tale EmptySat Oct 19, 2013 9:02 pm

Sweat ran down Lily’s neck as she rushed through the trees. She was scared! It was dark and no one was around at the time. She regretted leaving her friends during the walk through the cemetery to the store. As always she got lost, but this time she felt that someone or something was watching her. She stopped and looked around. She didn’t recognize that area of the cemetery. The longer she stood there, the creepier it got. The full moon slowly came out from behind the clouds. Something then moves in the corner of her eye and it makes her jump. She then sees it was just Vance and gives a sigh of relief.
“Vance! You scared me. Why are you not with the others?” Lily asked, still uncertain.
“Well I wanted to make sure you got home safely.” Vance said with a grin that showed the sharp tips of his fangs.
Lily was about to thank him when she saw the fangs. “That’s odd!” she thought. It wasn’t she saw his eyes glow blood red that she went pale and became frightened once again. She started to step back slowly but Vance just came closer with every step.
“What’s wrong Lily?” He asked, but he didn’t care if she answered or not. He was hungry and she was his prey.
Lily was so scared that she couldn’t answer. Vance quickly picked up his pace and right as he was to reach her, Lily’s instincts hit her. She spun around quickly and ran as fast as she could. Vance decided it was still early enough that he would make it a game. He let her get a five minute head start before he went after her.
Lily just ran, swiping branches out of her was as they came. She had no idea what he was and to be honest she had never met him until a few days ago. Thoughts continued to go through her mind, but she had to focus on where she was going.
Vance looked up as the 5 minutes ended. He sniffed the air and instantly took off after Lily. No matter how far she had gotten, he would catch up to her. He slashed at the random branches with his hands and smiled as he followed her tail. Within moments he had caught up to her but he realized the sun would be coming up soon.
Lily stopped when she heard rustling nearby. “Oh no!” she thought, she thought she had lost him but clearly hadn’t. She quickly looked around the desolate cemetery and found the creek that was near the edge of the cemetery. “If I can just cross the creek I will be safe.” She mumbled under her breath. She then ran quickly to the creek, but Vance had come out of the trees to see her run.
“NO!” Vance yelled, now realizing he had wasted too much time as the sun was rising. “Maybe I can still get her.” he thought. He started to run full speed at Lily. He quickly caught up to Lily and tackled her hard, which made her fall. He leaned over her with gleaming eyes and very slowly his fangs came out once more. But just as he was about to bite her, sunlight come from above the tree line. He yelled loudly in pain as the sun touched his skin and slowly disintegrated into dust. Lily’s eyes were wide as he disappeared. Once he was gone, Lily got up and slowly walked home. She one day hoped to forget that frightful Halloween.
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Halloween tale
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